15 April 2024


Dear Member


The CWU have been in negotiations with Yell in relation to the April 2024 pay review for members in the salary ranges for all Newgrid Grades.

The company positioned that it continues to face challenges in the market and this has resulted in the Board’s request to keep costs low as part of their efforts to drive growth and move the business into a more secure footing.  They advised that there was a limited pay review budget available and in accordance with the direction of Yell’s Board, it needed to be applied in a targeted way to address those who may have fallen behind the market and/or recognise high performance, rather than as a blanket ‘cost of living’ award.

The CWU presented a business case and in addition the company were advised that our members continue to face their own financial challenges in a very difficult economy and cannot continue to not keep pace with the cost of living.

The company have made their final offer, the combined effect of the proposals is that 100% of members would receive a pay award effective 01 April 2024, at an average increase of 3.6%, which the company advise compares very favourably with the wider employee population.

The CWU are disappointed that again our members are falling behind the cost of living, but believe this is the final offer the company will make.

The proposed uplifts to the ranges are: Grade At 31 March 2024 (full-time rates) From 01 April 2024 (full-time rates).

The Ballot will commence on  Monday 15/04/24 at 12:00 noon and end on Monday 22/04/24 at 12:00 noon.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Albon
National Officer