The CWU carries out political work on our members’ behalf in line with the policy decided by our Conference and set out by our elected officers and executives.

Our political work spans a number of different issues. Within our core industries, the decisions that affect our members in the workplace are not simply made by the employer, but are also made by governments and regulators.

So whether it is our People’s Post campaign, calling for investment in broadband or campaigning on the Post Office, we need to be active politically to defend our members’ interests at work.

More generally, as a trade union we provide a collective political voice to 190,000 working people on issues that are important to them. For instance, we want to see an end to the housing crisis and a new deal for workers to end low pay and insecure employment.

Alongside the work done by CWU Headquarters on all of these issues, we want to empower CWU members to have a political voice themselves, whether this is through political campaigning, by getting active in the union or the Labour Party, or by becoming an MP or a councillor.

For more information about getting politically active in all of these ways go to the links below or contact