The CWU is a Labour Party affiliate and carries out a wide range of political work on our members’ behalf, in line with the policy decided by our Conference.  

Within our core industries, the decisions that affect our members in the workplace are not simply made by the employer, but are also made by governments, regulators, politicians and local authorities.

The CWU is constantly engaging with local authorities, Metro Mayors, the Labour Party and the Government on many areas of policy, including workers rights and industrial matters, to ensure our members’ interests are represented at every level.

So whether it is calling for investment in broadband, fighting against anti-trade union laws or campaigning for the renationalisation of Royal Mail, we need to be active politically to defend our members’ interests at work. The New Deal for Workers is a cornerstone of our political campaigning work, having led the fight for a new social settlement for over seven years.

The CWU also firmly believes trade unions should not only be concerned with improving the world of work but also with reducing inequality in wider society and empowering our communities.

A key part of making this happen is empowering our own members to have a political voice themselves, whether this is through political campaigning, by getting active in the union or the Labour Party, or by becoming an MP or a councillor.

As part of our building collectivism strategy, designed to connect our industrial and political work, in 2022 the union launched the CWU Candidates Programme. This course is designed to put working-class people into political office and provide advanced political education, speaking training and learning sessions with politicians who share our values. Members can apply in early 2024 for the next cohort of the programme.

It is vitally important that we get more trade unionists in elected office. That is why the CWU also has a discretionary fund for members who are running to become a Labour councillor. Eligible members can apply for a small donation by emailing

For more information about getting politically active in the CWU, please contact