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Equality, Education & Development

Are you a CWU rep looking for the right course to help you with your union role, or a member looking to learn some new skills? The Education and Training site has opportunities for all.


Unlock Your Potential

Looking to get more involved with your union? Visit CWU Unlock: A site committed to providing members with guidance and resources on how to become a more active trade unionist and supporting them on the journey.


Young Workers

A site for young workers, by young workers. A space created by our young workers committee to co-ordinate and advance the interests of our 18,500+ members under the age of 30. Blogs, event information and more.


Retired Members

Updated by our retired members committee, the CWU Retired Members site is here for all of our thousands of union veterans who have finished their working careers, but who want to continue to play a role in their union and stay updated on news specific to them.