CWU Complaints Procedure

The CWU prides itself on the quality of our representatives and the service they provide to members.

The New National Rule 14 was endorsed at 2018 year’s Annual Conference. The complaints procedure byelaws relating to new rule 14.2 are set out below:


Section 1: Who is covered by this procedure?

This procedure applies to all CWU members, however matters shall not be considered under the complaints procedure if:

a) The complaint relates to an event that occurred in normal circumstances, more than two months prior to the date of the complaint being lodged; and/or

b) The complaint relates to matters which have already been investigated in a previous complaint or are currently under investigation in an external procedure in line with National Rule 14.1.4 and/or

The complaint is of a frivolous or vexatious nature; and/or

The complainant is not a CWU member; and/or

The complaint is made by a third party

The complaint is made anonymously.

The Union may at its absolute discretion decline to deal with a complaint and any reasons for doing so will be recorded in writing and sent to the member.

Section 2: Complaints Procedure

a) Most complaints can be resolved quickly and informally through discussion with the person involved directly, or can be discussed with your local Branch

I. If you feel unable to speak to the person involved or your local Branch, for example because the complaint concerns the Branch, then you should contact The General Secretary’s Office, 150 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1RX.

b) Complainants using this procedure are advised to set out their concerns in writing (either via hard copy or email) and include details of any relevant dates.

c) When a complaint is received in the General Secretary’s office, this will be acknowledged within 7 days. Within one calendar month from that acknowledgment, a response will be provided detailing what course of action is required. This may be extended in exceptional circumstances.

d) The CWU will at all times seek early intervention and resolution via Informal resolution.


Complaints will be concluded with either recommendations to move forward or a settlement. This may include the use of formal mediation.

In exceptional circumstances where settlements cannot be reached, the Officer with the assistance of either the President or Vice president may decide to offer further opportunity of mediation or refer the complaint to the National Disputes Committee under National Rule 14

Any complaints should be sent to the General Secretary’s department via email:

If you wish to submit a complaint please download the Interactive Complaints form along with Guidance Notes.

If submitting complaints against more than one person please use separate forms for each one.

Using the Guidance Notes, complete the form(s) and email to

It is important that you provide supporting evidence to support your complaint at this point.  The Officer needs as much information as possible to make a decision on any next steps.


Complaints Procedure Form

Please also refer to the Complaints Procedure Bylaws and Rule 14 for further information.  These can be downloaded here:

National Rule 14 (August 2018)


NDC Byelaws