Covid Secure Workplaces


Throughout the pandemic workers across DHL have kept working and made sure everyone’s important parcels and packages being delivered. The CWU believes that it is only right and fair that DHL make sure that their workplaces are safe for all who work there.

We know that working in a busy depot can often mean that the little things can sometimes get overlooked when rushing to get parcels processed and delivered on time. However, those little things can make a big difference to you and your family if you are unable to work because of Covid. Help us to highlight what Covid secure measure are in your workplace -good and bad!

Become a Workplace Monitor

Help us get a better picture of the measures DHL are – and aren’t – taking to ensure Covid-secure workplaces. You do not need to be a union member to become a workplace monitor you simply need to be working for DHL or as a self-employed driver.

What’s involved?

You will simply need to complete a quick survey on how your work location is responding to Covid. Your individual responses will always remain anonymous.

Our goal?

Is to be able to report on the data for as long as Covid-secure workplace measures are in place.

Highlight where different locations within DHL are taking different measures and if these measures are providing Covid secure workplaces for all.

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