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The CWU in Teleperformance NI

The CWU is an active trade union. We represent call centre workers across the Northern Ireland telecoms sector

We are constantly campaigning, negotiating and lobbying to ensure that members are properly rewarded for the skilled work they do.

We have a growing membership among call centre workers across NI. Many of our members joined because they want to be part of a wider community that puts their interests first, but many also joined because they want to secure safe and transparent working conditions for themselves and their colleagues.

All workers are entitled to join and be represented by a trade union no matter whether your employer chooses to formally recognise a union or not. In fact it’s a basic human right.

We have a local branch structure and dedicated organisers there to assist Teleperformance workers who wish to join and union and get expert advice and representation.


The CWU is also part of the Teleperformance Global Alliance, an international campaign organised by UNI-Global to organise Teleperformance workers across the world.


Teleperformance and Covid-19 – Understanding your concerns

Locally and internationally Teleperformance workers have been raising their serious concerns about how the company is protecting you during the current health pandemic.

Whether or not you feel the company is doing enough we are keen to hear your experiences. Do you feel safe at work? Are you concerned about your finances should you fall ill? What procedures does your employer have in place?  Let us know, please complete our survey by clicking here (if you haven’t already) and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

The more information we have the more we can help you build a voice for workers in Teleperformance (NI).

UNI-Global an organisation which represents Teleperformance staff at an international level feels that the current Teleperformance Covid-10 policy does not go far enough to protect workers.  UNI General Secretary, Christy Hoffman wrote to the Teleperformance CEO this week and made the following demands:

  • Guarantees that all employees impacted by coronavirus, whether from contracting COVID 19, exposure that requires self-quarantine, or high-risk health conditions preventing them from attending work, will continue to receive their salaries through paid leave
  • Halt all operations when cases are detected to complete hospital-grade disinfection of the facilities,
  • Conduct thorough hospital-grade cleaning between shifts,
  • Declare an immediate end to hot-desking,
  • Provide individually assigned workstations for each employee including individual headsets and keyboards,
  • Separate workstations to comply with health authorities’ recommendations on social distancing,
  • Regularly disinfect shared spaces such as cafeteria, restrooms etc. throughout every shift,
  • Instruct all staff on social distancing while away from their workstations,
  • Provide handwashing and hand sanitising products in all workplaces during every shift,
  • In emergency cases, to reduce the spread of infection, engage in temporary closures with full salary payment, for a specific period of time.

It is our view that Teleperformance’s Covid-19 policy does not go far enough in protecting employees and rather puts the onus on what the employees rather than taking responsibility as a company.

Contact centres are dangerous places to work during the #COVID19 crisis. Industry leader @Teleperformance must do better to protect its 330,000 workers.

Please sign the petition:  📢Tell the CEO now!


Further Information & Advice on Covid-19  

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Getting organised in Teleperformance

We offer membership to all employees in Teleperformance and our growing membership now means that we are looking to build a stronger presence in your workplace; to help tackle some of the problems that our members have raised with us.

We are happy to speak on a confidential basis to anybody who wants to find out more about the CWU and how we can work together to make a positive difference to your workplace, or how you can become more actively involved in building the union in your workplace.

If you are interested in finding out more about the CWU and how we can support you can contact the local branch or our dedicated organisers:

Organiser: Kerry Fleck

Twitter:  @kerrycwu   FB:


Northern Ireland Telecoms Branch: – 02890 321771

Twitter: @cwunitb FB:

To receive a call back from one of our organisers please provide your name and number in the fields below. Your details will be kept in confidence and not shared with anyone in the company or with third parties.

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