Saturday June 18th – We need you in London

As part of the CWU-led New Deal for Workers campaign, the TUC has called a march and rally in London on Saturday June 18th. 

The march will start at around 10:30 at Portland Place before moving off around Midday and arriving at Parliament Square for 1pm where we will hear a series of speeches. 

It has never been tougher for workers. The cost of living crisis has taken a grip and millions of workers are struggling. Enough is enough and it is time to demand change from this government. 

We know many of our members work on Saturdays but for those of you who don’t we urge you to do everything possible to get to London on June 18th. Your branch will be laying on free transport in the form of coaches (some branches may choose other methods). 

It is also vital that we ensure all types of workers and people are on the march. On that basis we really encourage everyone coming to bring their friends and families. Every attendee will get a free CWU merchandise pack!

This needs to be one of the biggest workers rallies in history. 

We will be communicating extensively on this in the coming weeks and months. 

Let’s turn out bigger than every before. We are the CWU. 

See you in London on the 18th June!

Dave Ward

General Secretary 


TUC Rally June 2022 – Poster

TUC Rally June 2022 – Cymraeg Poster

Enough is Enough – Social Graphic