Life has been tough for everyone over the past few years, particularly where money is involved. The Cost-of-Living Crisis, fuel crisis, inflation, necessary employee strike action and much more has placed a massive strain on every household budget across the country.

With our members facing the same difficulties we had to make some changes. We offered flexible payment holidays and payment reductions to fit each member’s needs, out of policy withdrawals from savings to support our members, revamped our lending policy to ensure members could afford the loan approved for them, encouraged members to save regularly while offering members to pause their savings commitments if they were struggling, and much more.

We are a collective at 1st Class, that means helping each member as much as possible. Where help cannot be provided in house we always signpost to the best next step.

Ask yourself the questions below:

Do I save regularly? If not, what happens when a life emergency happens? Could I start saving regularly? Do I want to be part of a co-operative that benefit’s not only myself and my family but also my fellow colleagues and union members? If so, join our credit union today.

Would I borrow from a business who cares? Would I borrow from someone who answers the phone when I call them? Would I like a human decision on a loan?  Is it important to me that I know what the business stands for when I borrow from them? If so, join our credit union today.

That is why we would encourage you to join our credit union today.

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Take Part

We are delighted to say our relationship with the CWU Trade Union has lasted for over a decade. Our staff are now proud CWU trade union members and many of our board have served as reps for numerous years.  Thank you for your continued support of the trade union and its affiliated credit union.  CWU’s members are our members.

Should you have any questions please contact our member services team on 0141 552 8408 or at