T&FS Resources

If you’re looking for something that isn’t listed here, please send us a mail with what you’re looking for to info@cwu.org and we’ll do our best to help.

General – activity & recruitment:

Benefits A4


BT never too early

Contact centre charter

Do you know about CWU OBAMA

Dress for success A4

Equality Toolkit 2018

Generic postcard talk to a rep

Get involved

Guide to Equality-Proofing

Special committees A4

What membership provides A4

Info for new members financial

Info for new members non recognised

Manifesto for telecoms workers

Organising for the future

Talk to 2 booklet

Talk to 2 pledge card

Women – what the CWU can do

Women – wish you were here

Young workers booklet

Call centre – activity & recruitment:

General contact centre – powerless to act quote

Manpower – never too early

Young & at work contact centre

EE literature:

EE benefits leaflet A4

Basic EE Leaflet

CWU supporting Union recognition in EE

EE benefits leaflet A4

Reasons to join union EE

Financial services – activity & recruitment: 

Good reasons Santander

Santander 20 reasons A3

Santander special committees A4

Santander what membership provides A4

Santander – benefits A4

Santander get involved A4

Santander dress for success A4

Santander CWU partnership

Santander never too early

Santander Q&A speak to a rep

Santander yellow why join

Guides & support for organising your workplace:

ROCs Building Tomorrow Together A5

Talk to 2 EE

Talk to 2 Non Recognised CC

Talk to 2 Recognised Call Centre

T&FS Call centre workers guide to organising

T&FS guide to organising women in your workplace

T&FS young workers guide to organising

Information for new members: 

Info for new members FINANCIAL

Info for new members non recognised

info for new members recognised

Membership benefits:

CWU Benefits Recruitment A5

Unionline Motor Claims Service A5

Women – Activity & Recruitment:

Women – POSTER A4

Women – what CWU can do

Women – wish you were here

Young workers -Activity & Recruitment:

TFS YoungWorkers – A3 poster general

Young & at work contact centre

Young workers wish you were here