Reports, Research & Publications

Here you will find recent reports, publications and submissions issued by the Research department.


Consultation Submissions:

CWU Supplementary Evidence to BEIS Committee Post Office Inquiry, June 2019

CWU Response to NICE suicide prevention quality standard consultation, May 2019

CWU Response to BEIS Select Committee on the Post Office, May 2019

CWU Response to Government on CDC Pensions, January 2019

CWU Response to Ofcom BCMR and PIMR Consultation, January 2019

CWU Response to Government on Windrush Compensation, November 2018

CWU Response on Enforcement of the Equality Act, October 2018

CWU Response on Reform of the Gender Recognition Act, October 2018

CWU Submission to Low Pay Commissions consultation 2018 1 June

CWU Response to BEIS on employment status 1 June 2018

CWU Response to BEIS on transparency 21st May 2018

CWU Response to BEIS on Enforcement 16th May 2018

CWU Response to BEIS on Agency Workers 8 May 2018

CWU response to Ofcom Annual Plan 2018-19 9 Feb 18

CWU Response to DCMS Infrastructure Review 30 Jan 2018

CWU response to work and pensions committee on CDC schemes 30 Jan 2018

CWU Response to DCMS – A new broadband Universal Service Obligation 9 Oct 17

CWU response to Informing Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 13 Oct 2017

CWU response to Ofcom WLA Review 09 June 2017

CWU response to government green paper on DB pension schemes 12 May 2017

CWU submission to Taylor Review 17th May 2017

CWU response to Govt PO network consultation

CWU Response to Ofcom Review of RM Regulation 3 Aug 2016 non-confidential version


Research Briefs:

Shaping Industrial Relations in the Digital Economy article Nov 2018

Organising for the future

Work and Pensions Committee Report on CDC Pensions, July 2018

DCMS Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review – Summary of Findings, August 2018

Royal Mail Full Year Results 2017-18

Royal Mail, The CWU and Brexit

Trade union membership 2017

Post Office Annual Report 2016-17

Macron labour reforms 2017

Ofcom Annual Monitoring Update postal market 2016-17

Govt response to 2016 PO Network Consultation Dec 2017

Scottish Housing Crisis briefing

Broadband in Scotland briefing

Social Value of the Post Office Network summary