Urgent reminder: Mass online meetings for members across Consumer this week

Telecoms & Financial Services, BT, EE

Monday 14th September 2020

Members across BT Consumer and relevant parts of EE are being urged to participate in one of two mass online mass meetings being held this week to provide urgent updates about various developments affecting them.

Last week  the details of the two Zoom meetings – being held on separate evenings tomorrow (Tuesday)  and Wednesday  to maximise the potential for the widest possible participation –  were emailed directly from CWU headquarters to all members in Consumer, and by branches to those members working in the relevant parts of EE.

                          Stephen Albon

And today (Monday) acting national officer for Consumer and EE, Stephen Albon, is reiterating his call for all those invited to log into whichever of the Zoom sessions suits them best. Both webinars will commence at 7pm sharp, each providing members the chance grill the national union direct about various developments affecting them as the CWU’s national ‘Count Me In’ campaign against multiple emerging challenges across BT Group continues to gather pace. (See Count Me In campaign page here)

Stephen explains: “There’s a lot going on that members need to be aware of, and as such I’d really urge all of our Consumer members to log in to one of the meetings – at both of which myself and members of both the BT Consumer and EE national teams will attempt to answer any questions that are posed.

“Neither session is expected to last for more than an hour – though in view of the many thousands of potential participants who have been invited to take part, we will endeavour to allow sufficient time for all members’ questions to be answered.”

All of the union’s many thousands of Consumer members should have already been directly emailed log-in details for tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) and Wednesday’s webinars. Anyone believing they have been missed out should contact their branch without delay.