London Apple Store Workers’ Show of Strength

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More and more Apple Store staff are joining the CWU

Apple Store workers have held a “great show of confidence” by holding a successful union recruitment day across London, despite hostility from management and security.

Members of the United Tech and Allied Workers (UTAW) branch of the CWU visited numerous Apple Stores across capital to bring workers into the union.

Despite security and stores managers repeatedly demanding that CWU members leave the premises, many new workers heard the case for collective strength, with some immediately joining on the spot.

While some workers referenced the cost of living and the recent strikes as a reason to join, widespread dissatisfaction also exists across Apple Stores over a wide array of specific issues.

Many discussed the exhaustion they experience as a result of their shift patterns, which are mostly formed by an algorithm.

While all shift patterns adhere to legal standards of time from work, workers were quick to point out that they run very close to what is legally possible, meaning that workers often finish late shifts in order to start on ones that are still very early.

In a poll conducted by UTAW members, 50% of Apple workers said that the system of shift patterns had a detrimental impact on their mental health.

Other employees are angered over a lack of pay transparency at Apple Stores, where workers on the shop floor can often earn wildly differing amounts of money, and are regularly told by management that they should not be discussing such things in the workplace.

As a result of these issues and many more, UTAW have gained scores of Apple members across the country, and are growing day by day.

CWU organiser Michelle Daykin said: “Today was a great show of confidence by workers who won’t be taken for granted any longer.

“There are a number of serious issues to do with Apple Stores across the country, and

“Apple workers are highly talented people who are committed to their craft.

“They deserve much greater fairness and justice on the job than what they’re currently getting, and the CWU are dedicated to fighting for that.”