Dog Awareness Week – 5 – 10 July 2021

Health & Safety

Launching the 2021 Royal Mail/CWU National Dog Awareness Week CWU National Health and Safety Officer Dave Joyce said:-

    •  The Headline Message for Dog Awareness Week 5 – 11 July is “Dog Attacks Remain a Major Safety Hazard and Concern’ For Postmen and Women across the UK”.
    • There are now 12 Million Dogs in the Country with a huge increase in dogs purchased by new owners, locked down during the pandemic. Many of these dogs haven’t been trained or socialised. Many of these new owners now regret buying a dog and many of these new dogs could be a risk to postal workers.
    • The Key Objectives are to remind both the Public to be aware of their responsibilities and to remind Postal Workers to be vigilant, keep safe and take no risks.
    • The scale of the problem across the UK should never be underestimated
    • There’s been 33,000 dog attacks on postmen and women in the last 10 years – over 80% take place at the front door or on the garden footpath or drive – some result in life changing injuries
    • 1000 dog bites have occurred through the letterbox in the last 5 years alone – many with devastating effects – many resulting in lost fingers!

The Message for customers is:-

    • Be considerate and a responsible dog owner and work with Royal Mail and your local Postman or Postwoman.
    • Postal Workers have been heroes during the pandemic – keeping the postal service going and keeping the country connected
    • Put the dog in another secure room before opening the door to the collect the mail and parcels.
    • Don’t let children open the door and the dog can push past them and attack the postman with the child having little chance of controlling the dog
    • Don’t let the dog roam free in the garden when the mail is being delivered – if you must do this then fit a postbox on the perimeter gate or fence.
    • If your dog attacks or snatches the mail when it comes through the door fit a letterbox cage to protect the postman’s fingers and protect your mail
    • Finally – ensure your dog is microchipped and wears a collar and tag – it’s a legal requirement and you can be fined up to £5000 if you don’t.
The message to Delivery Staff is:-


    • Firstly take no risks – Zero tolerance is the Policy of Royal Mail and the CWU and we will pursue the prosecution of any owner who’s dog attacks and injures a Postal Worker
    • The Dog population has increased to 12 Million during the pandemic and many of the dogs are with new owners and haven’t been socialised and could pose a risk – we don’t yet know where they all are.
    • Never assume a dog won’t bite
    • Never take the word of an owner that the dog won’t bite either
    • Step back when delivering a parcel or packet
    • At the Delivery Office make sure that all Dog Hazards are on the Walk Risk Assessment Platform(WRAP) and that the Walk Log is up to date and check it!
    • Mark the Preparation Sorting Frame with Yellow Dots indicating the addresses where there are dogs
    • Mark the mail with a ‘D’ to remind you of addresses with dogs that could be a problem whilst you are on the delivery round.
    • Report all incidents with dogs and all dog attacks, no matter how minor – serious attacks are in many cases preceded by minor incidents and near misses.

Please see related LTBs:

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