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First home mailing – It’s time to make a stand


CMI – Myth Busters – Manager said sacked for striking

CMI – Myth Busters – Manager said non-members can vote

CMI – Myth Busters – Manager knows how I voted

CMI – Management – Elegant and classy

CMI – Openreach quote – If you don’t like it

CMI – Use your vote

CMI – Vote yes to save your job

CMI – If you don’t vote

CMI – Are you with your colleagues?

Count Me In National Ballot – I’m Voting YES 

CMI – Andy Kerr Quote

CMI – Dave Ward Quote


Vital message for BT, Openreach and EE members from GS Dave Ward – 19 March 21 (Right click ‘save as’)

Initial Ballot Video – Andy Kerr DGS (T&FS) (Right click ‘save as’)

Count Me In – Upcoming Strike Action Promo Video (Right click ‘save as’)


CMI Major Announcement with Karen Rose, Andy Kerr

David Bowman – Openreach / RPE Strike

Allan Eldred – BT Enterprise

Sally Bridge – BT Technology

Stephen Albon – EE 

Stephen Albon – BT Consumer

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