Royal Mail: Business Recovery, Transformation & Growth

Business Recovery, Transformation & Growth is a 35-page national agreement between the CWU and Royal Mail Group. It covers all operations and functions across the business and it has been formally endorsed by the union’s Postal Executive.

In the lead-up to the all-member consultation, the union’s leadership held a series of five CWU unit rep briefings across the UK – in York, Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Belfast. Reports from these briefings can be read here and here.

Dave Ward and our acting DGSP Andy Furey broadcast short video messages at the end of one of the briefings in which Dave updated on the latest conversations with the company and Andy talked about the importance of the Lord Falconer Review.

Royal Mail has announced its financial results for 2022/23 and our general secretary Dave Ward gave the union’s viewpoint on this in interviews on Sky News and GB News.