A Union for Allvotec

The CWU is an active trade union. We are constantly campaigning, negotiating and lobbying to ensure members across the telecoms sector are properly rewarded for the skilled work they do.

As the telecoms and digital communications sector continues to grow, the CWU has led the way by negotiating industry terms and conditions for many of our members.

We have a growing membership in Allvotec across field engineering and non-field workers. Many of our members joined because they want to be part of a wider community that puts their interests first, but many joined because they want to secure safe and transparent working conditions for themselves and their colleagues.

Organising for you

Currently Allvotec does not recognise a trade union and instead relies on an employee forum, which does not offer truly independent representatives. These forums are much easier to control for the company, because they are for consultation and not for negotiation purposes. Therefore, CWU will be organising in Allvotec to make sure that all workers have their voices heard.

All workers are entitled to join and be represented by a trade union no matter whether your employer chooses to formally recognise a union or not. In fact, it is a basic human right.

The CWU can provide you with advice and support if you need it, representatives in disciplinary or grievance processes.

We offer membership to all employees in Allvotec and our growing membership means we are looking to build a stronger presence across the organisation and start to help tackle some of the problems that members face.

For more information contact: Sara Barnicoat – National Field Organiser: / 07860 404042