Strike of 115,000 Postal Workers Looms Over No Pay Rise

Wednesday 27th April 2022

Over 115,000 postal workers may ballot for strike action if Royal Mail management do not negotiate a “no strings” pay rise by next week.

Delegates at the CWU’s annual conference at Bournemouth are giving Royal Mail Group management notice that if no national agreement on a “straight, no strings pay increase” can be reached by the week commencing 2nd May 2022, then the union will move into a position of formal dispute with management.

The emergency motion, which called workers “dishonoured” by Royal Mail management, said that workers deserved a pay increase to “reward them for their exceptional contribution during the nation’s moment of need,” and to “protect them and their families from the current cost of living crisis.”

The motion also condemned Royal Mail for “finding any number of excuses” to “either not reward, under-reward or delay” pay increases.

Deputy General Secretary Terry Pullinger said: “We know what our members have done through the pandemic, we know they deserve a pay rise – one that rewards them for what they’ve done, but also protects them from this cost-of-living crisis.

“You would think the company would be working with that in the best way they can, but instead they have insulted our members by making an offer which is an absolute disgrace – that offer is nothing.

“We are giving them one week – and if we’re not in sight of a no-strings pay award, we’ll instigate the four-week resolution process at national level.

“They want to smash up this great public service and fill their pockets with gold. We have to fight with everything we’ve got.”