Postal workers leaders respond to Ofcom report



Commenting on the leaked Ofcom report, Communication Workers Union General Secretary Dave Ward said: “This report is completely dead in the water.

“The response to the leaked information over the week showed that CWU members, the public and politicians are united against the deliberate, manufactured destruction of the postal service.

“In the ongoing debate, Ofcom now have no credibility whatsoever, and their views are an irrelevance to the discussion that must take place between postal workers, businesses and customers.

“To produce a report without any input whatsoever from frontline workers or their union is an attempt to railroad through the failed agenda of the previous Royal Mail management team.

“The CWU will not stand for that. We will now launch an extensive engagement exercise and produce our own report on the future of Royal Mail, taking on board the views of our members and customers.

“This will be a blueprint for a sustainable Royal Mail that can grow our economy and our communities.

“We now challenge Royal Mail to join us in properly discussing the future of the universal service obligation (USO), and to reach a position that protects the customers that rely on this company and our members.

“We are not resistant to change, but we will not sign up to a three-day USO, which would destroy Royal Mail as we know and would impact on thousands of jobs.

“Royal Mail has the biggest fleet in the country, a presence in every community, and boasts and unrivalled infrastructure.

“This is the bedrock that a serious growth agenda – and the future of the company – can be built.”


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