Tuesday 22nd December 2020


The Communication Workers Union is pleased to announce that after a long running dispute, we have reached an agreement with Royal Mail Group on job security, pay, a reduction in the working week and a growth strategy to create our future.

Our union believes it is an excellent agreement for postal workers, customers and company alike. It also demonstrates that in this unprecedented period of crisis, it offers a way forward that demonstrates what “being in this together” really means. 

  • For CWU members, it means a 2 year deal backdated to April 2020 worth 3.7%, plus a one hour reduction in the working week. This is a combined package worth around 6.5% over the 2 year period. Crucially, on job security, it means as we introduce change there will be no compulsory redundancies and the stated objective of Royal Mail is now one of job creation.
  • For customers, it will mean a more dynamic postal service tailored to meet ever-increasing expectations. Through a range of new products, services and innovations, this new service will be built on an expanded role for postal workers and the trusted relationship that customers have with their local posties. 
  • For the company, it means change can now be introduced more quickly with the full support of the union including the development of a 24/7 operation for parcels, the role out of new technology and automation, creating an enhanced infrastructure and a more efficient overall business. 

Commenting on the deal, CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said: “This is a landmark agreement that means that even in these incredibly difficult times, when members stand in solidarity with their union, it is entirely possible to plan a future that can still benefit workers, customers and the company.

“Make no mistake – the agreement has also been made possible because of the fantastic efforts of postal workers, who as key workers have kept the country connected and met customer and social needs throughout the pandemic.”

CWU Deputy General Secretary (Postal) Terry Pullinger said: “For the last two years we have disagreed with the company on their vision of the future in our belief that it was blinked, unambitious and based on managed decline.  

“It would have severely damaged this great public service, threatened the universal service, reduced social inclusion, and cost thousands of decent jobs.

“The irony of this terrible year is that it has demonstrated that postal workers are the most trusted provider on the doorstep, that the need for a universal equality of service provider is as real today as it ever was. 

“When no one else gets through, postal workers always deliver, and this agreement will now expand and enshrine that most important social role and afford postal workers much deserved employment, standard of living and retirement security going forward.”


For further enquiries, please contact CWU Press Officer Marcus Barnett at or 07812590450.