Mail Delays: CWU Response





Responding to the latest reports into mail delays, a Communication Workers Union spokesperson said: “There has not been a day of strike action for almost 7 months now. For Royal Mail to still be using this is a reason for quality failures is frankly embarrassing.


“In addition, the company points to high sick absence, once again without any self-reflection.


“The treatment of frontline workers has been appalling and has led to record amounts of postal workers leaving the industry and a crisis of morale.


“The culture of imposition and fear sees workplaces across the UK stripped to the bone and incapable of fulfilling anywhere near the service the public deserve.


“Royal Mail is at a crossroads. It is a company without leadership or direction.


“The appointment of a new CEO is the most crucial in Royal Mail’s history.


“It must be someone with a completely different vision. They must also be willing to work with the union and end the failed command and control culture – or the company will not survive.”




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