IoMPO Plan – CWU responds

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12 June 2018



IoMPO Plan – CWU responds


The Communication Workers Union (CWU) believes that it is aware of a radical five-year plan by the new Isle of Man Post Office (IOMPO) Board which will attack workers’ terms and conditions, result in job losses and redundancies, and reduce the six-day universal service to the people of the Isle of Man.


Terry Pullinger, Deputy General Secretary Postal (DGSP) of the CWU said: “We fully understand the challenges of the future and are more than prepared to negotiate and agree mutual-interest solutions. Our record in this regard goes before us and we have recently responded to that challenge with Royal Mail Group in the UK, so I can say that there is nothing new in the new Board’s thinking, I have seen it all before and it does not represent enlightened vision but rather ‘off the shelf’ solutions and ‘conventional wisdom’, which is very disappointing.


“In a nutshell, their lack of innovation and tired thinking to slash and burn their way to the future will ultimately wreck a wonderful and still relevant public service and threaten the employment, standard-of-living and retirement security of a loyal and dedicated workforce.


“At an urgently convened meeting of our members, they expressed their condemnation and complete lack of confidence in the Board’s planned and un-agreed approach. They believe that the potential changes are not in the best interests of the people they serve in the Isle of Man, will fail to protect this great public service and feel that their future job security is not safe in the Board’s hands.


“Our members have set the union’s policy and insisted that the CWU pursue a negotiated settlement on all aspects of this so-called plan, using every means at our disposal. We understand that the IoMPO intends to survey residents of the IoM to achieve answers that justify their managed decline approach. We urge the public to be aware of loaded questions and to make clear that this essential service of connectivity to every address in the Isle of Man six days a week must be retained.”





Notes to editors:

  • The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is the biggest trade union in the communications industry with 190,000 members in post, telecoms, mobile and financial services companies including Royal Mail Group, Post Office, Isle of Man Post Office, BT Group, EE, O2 and Santander.
  • Attached is the emergency motion passed by the IoM CWU members.


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