CWU Response as Royal Mail Takeover Moves Closer





Responding to latest developments regarding a potential buy-out of Royal Mail, CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said: “The future of postal services in the UK is again under threat.


“The current Royal Mail Board have grossly mismanaged the company and have not done enough to move away from the approach of the previous CEO, which saw an all-out assault on their own employees.


“E.P Group must immediately demonstrate an up-front and open commitment to working with the union to completely change the culture in workplaces across the UK, rule out any break-up of the company or raid of the pension surplus.


“The CWU are calling for a completely new ownership model – one based on innovation, growth and maintaining over 500 years of public service ethos. Whatever the result of these takeover talks, this is a position we will actively campaign for with the owners of Royal Mail, the government and Labour.


“It cannot be right that a key part of national infrastructure is allowed to be owned by individuals or companies who have no vision for the future and no clear plan to put the workforce at the heart of turning Royal Mail around.


“Royal Mail must make use of its unrivalled fleet of vehicles, take advantage of having feet on the ground in every community and leverage the trust that postal workers have on every doorstep. To do anything else would be reckless and a clear sign that the only interest of both the current board – and those readying to take over the company over – is to run letter deliveries into the ground and become just another glorified parcels company.


“The CWU will not allow this to happen. We will utilise our members in the coming weeks and months and develop a campaign that puts the future of the postal services right at the heart of this year’s general election. There will be no hiding place for the actions of this government or Labour.“




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