The CWU have today released all of the candidates statements we received as part of our Labour Leadership / Deputy Leadership nomination process. The documents can be found at


The CWU held the most democratic process of any Trade Union with a forum of over 500 frontline representatives overwhelmingly voting to nominate Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner.


Commenting on the statements CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said “I would like to thank all of the Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates for their responses. The quality was excellent and they formed a key part of the CWU decision making process. What is absolutely clear to me and was clear to our branches is the commitments and responses from Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner were on another level to the other candidates”


“With the hustings formats providing no room for debate Labour members will struggle to see the dividing lines between candidates. These statements show that on all the key issues Rebecca Long-Bailey is by far the best candidate to lead the Labour Party. We believed these documents should be available for all Labour members to access.”




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