Thursday 6th February 2020


Reacting to the announcements today by Royal Mail, CWU deputy general secretary Terry Pullinger said “These results are the consequence of gross mismanagement of this great public service.


Ever since the new Board appointed their choice of a new CEO and his team in 2018, this organisation has been on a downward spiral.


They inherited an organisation when industrial relations were harmonious, a new blue print agreement was in place and was being deployed at pace on how we jointly approach the challenges of the future.  Poor culture in the industry was also being addressed as a priority and the share price was standing at 496p.


But in just under 2 years’ all of those very serious indexes have gone through the floor.

Workplace culture is worse than ever, industrial relations are at an all-time low and the share price now sits at 176p.


Blame the Trade Union all you like but these are the facts and they are without doubt the consequence of the mismanagement of this industry.


The business has a one trick pony vision of just growing parcels. They have stated to the union that our contribution to society in the UK is no longer about service but all about profit. It is evident that in their eyes, Royal Mail is no longer a great public service that can generate revenue by merging entrepreneurism, innovation and social aims but a privatised public service in the grip of a potential corporate raid of greed.


If the new regime at Royal Mail Group go unchallenged the real losers will be the people of this country, one of the greatest inventions of our social history and our members.


We will always defend our agreements, our members and this great public service.”




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