CWU on Royal Mail Group end of year financial results

Thursday 19th May 2022

Commenting on Royal Mail Groups end of year financial results, CWU Deputy General Secretary (Postal), Terry Pullinger said

“Clearly this is a narrative worked on for weeks a not for employees but for the market analysts. 

However, it also clearly reports what an amazing performance key postal workers have put in over the last year. 

Every single penny of the £758 million profit was from letter, parcels and test kits collected, processed, distributed and delivered by key postal workers, not by Board members and not by shareholders, but by our members. 

It is an outstanding effort delivered during unprecedented times from key workers that have a massive vocational sense of purpose. 

The CWU are immensely proud of our members and even more determined than ever to get them the reward, recognition and pay rise that these results prove they deserve.”

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