BT Consumer – EE merger: conditions will be defended

Wednesday 27th April 2022

The Communication Workers Union will defend the “hard-fought terms and conditions” of workers throughout BT Consumer’s divisional merger into EE.

CWU Deputy General Secretary Andy Kerr has said that the union, which represents BT staff, will do “everything in its power” to ensure that no deterioration in any conditions will be accepted.

The statement comes in response to today’s announcement that EE has now become the flagship brand of BT, with all future marketing being based on the EE name.

The CWU has received written assurances that there will no redundancies, previously existing union-backed collective agreements will be transferred into EE, the same workplace flexibility will be maintained for employees, and that no changes to conditions will be considered during the TUPE.

CWU Deputy General Secretary Andy Kerr said: “There’s no doubt that today’s announcement will cause concern for BT workers, many of whom will now feel uncertainty over their work.

“We wish to reassure members that this union will do everything in its power to protect their hard-fought terms and conditions and hold BT to their word that nothing will change for the worse.

“In the meantime, any workers with specific worries and concerns should contact the CWU directly.”