BREAKING: Uberisation of Royal Mail cancelled as CWU, RMG announce deal details





BREAKING: “Uberisation” of Royal Mail cancelled as CWU and Royal Mail Group announce deal details

The “Uberisation” of Royal Mail is set to be abandoned, as details of the agreement made between the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Royal Mail Group (RMG) are released today (Friday 21st April).

The deal has been reached after intensive negotiations over the past several months.

Should members vote to accept it, it is expected to end the long-standing dispute that saw 115,000 postal workers take 18 days of strike action in the second half of 2022.

Core details of the deal, which can be found here, include:

  • Abandoning the introduction of owner-drivers into the Royal Mail core system, effectively ending the ‘Uberisation’ of Royal Mail;
  • Implementing a 10% salary increase and one-off lump sum of £500 for most postal workers;
  • Introducing a further payment scheme during the life of this agreement, where if the company reaches operational profit in a financial year, 20% of it will be paid to employees;
  • Reducing agency workers in Royal Mail work;
  • Confirmation of no compulsory Sunday working;
  • Establishing an independent enquiry for suspended or sacked workers.

A Communication Workers Union spokesperson said: “This situation has been arrived at only because of the sheer determination of every postal worker in this country who stood up for themselves, their jobs and their industry.

“We intend to put this deal to our members’ vote as soon as possible.”



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