BREAKING: Posties overwhelmingly accept deal, warn of next CEO repeating “same old mantras”






As postal workers overwhelmingly accept a deal, the Communication Workers Union (CWU)  has warned Royal Mail will be “finished forever” if a CEO who repeats the “same old mantras” is chosen to run the company.

Today (Tuesday 11th July), it was announced that on a 67% turnout, 75.84% of workers have voted to accept the Business Recovery, Transformation and Growth Agreement, which was brokered between Royal Mail bosses and union representatives earlier in the year.

This vote signals the end of the 2022-23 dispute, which saw over 115,000 workers take 18 days of strike action in the final quarter of last year.

Commenting, CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said: “This has been the most challenging period in both the history of the union and the company, and I want to thank every single member that has voted in this ballot.

“Our members will know it doesn’t end with today’s result – we all know what is going on in workplaces across the UK and we are going to deal with it.

“Many workers simply do not trust Royal Mail Group because of the company’s lack of integrity and the way they are being treated.

“Some wanted more from an agreement. Others find the prospect of changes such as later finishes unpalatable.

“Our job in the coming weeks and months is to make sure their voices continue to be heard.

“Far from being an endorsement of the actions of Royal Mail Group, this result will be the start of the union reconnecting in every workplace.

“We want our reps and members back to work through the independent review.

“We want branches holding meetings locally and putting forward our own ideas and solutions within the framework of the agreement.

“Turning this company around and shifting management attitudes was never going to be a light switch moment.

“The truth is that the appointment of the new CEO of Royal Mail Group is the most important ever.

“If the new CEO is someone that wants to take the workforce with them then this company can have a bright future. If the same old mantras continue then Royal Mail Group as we know will be finished forever.”


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