Post Office Strike

Next Due Strike Action Dates

Next due strike action will take place on Wednesday 28th September.

Post Office imposed a pay freeze upon our members for the financial year 2021/22, meaning we entered in a trade dispute with our members voting overwhelmingly for strike action (97.3% YES vote on a 70.2% turnout).

Post Office made a profit of £35m for 2020/21 and £39m for 2021/22, therefore affordability is not an issue.  They are simply choosing to suppress pay and have feebly attempted to hide behind Government policy for public sector workers.  The CWU attempted to resolve this dispute via the offices of Acas; however, two meetings held in January 2022 were completely unproductive, with Post Office adopting an intransigent attitude.  This led to a ballot for strike action as described above.

The strikes across Post Office for CWU members relate directly to the pay freeze for 2021/22.  Adding insult to injury, the rejected pay offer for 2022/23 is for a meagre 3% plus a one-off payment of £500.  As a consequence of the current impasse for this year’s pay, the union is due to attend Acas on Thursday 18th August when we will attempt to make progress towards an agreement.  This will of course require Post Office to make a significantly improved offer takes account of RPI inflation which now stands at 12.3% (July).

The initial strike was 24 hours on Tuesday 3rd May for all CWU members in Post Office.  This was followed by strike action on Saturday 4th June for Crown Office workers and Monday 6th June for Admin & Supply Chain members.

The 3rd bout of strike action was held on Monday 11th July for Crowns and Thursday 14th July for Admin & Supply Chain.

The 4th occasion of strike action, which is an escalation of previous strike action in terms of duration, has been announced as follows:

  • Crown members: Friday 26th & Saturday 27th August
  • Admin/Supply Chain members: Friday 26th & Tuesday 30th August

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