We stand as one, united with our Post Office members

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Delegates this morning pledged their unanimous support for their Post Office colleagues when they begin their pay strike on Tuesday 3rd May.

An emergency motion, which was moved by CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey, commits the union to ‘fully support’ the strikers and ‘ensure a good presence on picket lines’.

The resolution also pledges our branches to ‘instigate local campaigning activities to support the aims of the dispute’.

“Our members delivered an astounding 97.3 per cent YES vote, but Post Office bosses are ‘in denial’,” said Andy, as he opened his speech, adding: “They made an insulting offer for 2022 on top of the pay freeze for 2021, which just made our members’ determination even stronger.”

The strike on Tuesday will close all 114 Crown Post Office in the country and halt cash deliveries and collections from every one of the UK’s 11,500 sub-post offices.

Looking ahead to the strike, Andy said: “We believe Tuesday will be seriously successful, our reps have got plans in place and we’re encouraging all activists to join them on the picket lines.

“I will write to the Post Office CEO Nick Read next Wednesday urging him to get round the table with us and negotiate a fair pay deal – but if the Post Office leadership want to keep their heads in the sand there will be further strikes.”

Our DGSP Terry Pullinger seconded the motion and began by describing the Post Office’s refusal to settle our members’ pay as “a prime example of the injustice all around us.”

Terry highlighted the Horizon scandal as something that further proved the lack of judgement and absence of principle on senior management, comparing the enormous amounts of money “squandered” on pursuing innocent postmasters with the refusal now to offer a fair pay rise to employees.

“These people have to be stood up against, please carry this vote, but don’t just carry the vote, please get out there on Tuesday and support our members on the picket lines,” he urged.

Almost a dozen speakers came to the rostrum in the subsequent debate.

Whether representing Post Office counters members, supply chain workers or Royal Mail members, every speaker voice full 100 per cent support for the strikers, pledged to attend next Tuesday’s pickets and bring other members along with them.

After the lively, determined and at times emotional debate came to a close, conference chair Jane Loftus called the vote – and every hand in the hall was raised.

Showing their backing, conference delegates stood as one and held up STRIKE posters.

Speaking to CWU News after the debate, Andy Furey said: “I was delighted with the conference decision this morning. Although I expected the motion to be approved, I hadn’t expected the sheer strength of feeling from the hall today – it was powerful and inspiring.

“Now we need big, strong and lively picket lines next Tuesday and show the Post Office that our members mean business.