VMO2 workers set for 4% 2024 pay boost

Telecoms & Financial Services, VMO2

Zoe Walmsley, Hannah Sadler, and Tracey Fussey

Deal goes out to ballot next week, with CWU recommending YES vote…

Thousands of CWU members working for communications company VMO2 at sites around the UK will start voting from next Monday on an agreement negotiated between the company and the union that raises pay by a minimum of 4 per cent this calendar year.

Subject to approval in the ballot – which closes on 26th February – employees will receive pay rises of either 3.75 per cent or 4.25 per cent (depending on grade) with effect from 1st April.

‘Those receiving the 3.75 per cent will receive a minimum extra increase of 0.25 per cent from 1st October.’

Commenting on the deal, Hannah Sadler, CWU VM02 national team member and rep at the company’s site in Preston Brook, Cheshire, told CWU News: “The pay rise is not as much as we would’ve wanted, but we genuinely feel it’s the best we could achieve through negotiations.

“A massive factor for us is that our people need that money in their pockets as soon as possible with all the ongoing cost-of-living pressures out there at this time,” continued Hannah (pictured above). So it was the utmost importance that this did not drag on into a prolonged negotiation.

“And that’s why we’re recommending it – and I’ve got members’ meetings today and tomorrow to fully brief people, answer their questions and hear their feedback.”

Zoe Walmsley, from the company’s site at Arlington, Leeds and who chairs the union’s VMO2 national team – said: “Under the circumstances, yes this deal’s the best we could get” and went onto explain how the CWU negotiators had managed to push up the pay offer from the company. Zoe (pictured above left) added that she was pleased that the 2024 pay rise was more straightforward and “not staggered like last year” and predicted that it would be positively received by members.

“I’ll be meeting members at Leeds early next week and another NT member, Angie Prangell, is catching up with our retail members. I’m hoping it will be a good reaction and also we’ll make the point to other VM02 workers who’ve not yet joined that it’s the CWU that’s done the negotiating here and that, without the CWU this wouldn’t be happening.”

CWU national officer Tracey Fussey said: “Hannah and Zoe are right. We all wanted to get more for our members and in recognition of the superb work they do all year round. However, we did succeed in pushing the pay offer up significantly from the starting point, and where we are now is, in our considered view, the upper limit of what can be achieved through talks.

“We are pleased that, subject to their approval in the ballot, members will be receiving the increase on time as it is critically important that people get this extra pay quickly and not having to wait for months on end – people’s household bills don’t wait do they?”

Tracey (pictured above right) explained that the CWU is recommending a YES vote, has sent out a detailed communication to VMO2 members, and will be seeking to build on this successful negotiation to encourage more VMO2 workers into membership going forward.

“There’s no doubt that having a union there for you, having your back and negotiating pay rises is the best deal for workers everywhere,” she concluded.