Virtual mass meetings to expose the great BT pay affordability lie

Telecoms & Financial Services, EE

Following on from tonight’s special Facebook Live session for CWU members across EE, two further mass membership events will take place later this week  to highlight why members across the whole of BT Group must stand united against real-term pay cuts being imposed by a  hugely profitably blue chip company.

On Wednesday evening at 7pm a CWU Live session for members in BT will torpedo the cynical  myth being perpetuated by bosses that a company that has just announced annual profits of £1.3 billion is too hard up to pay loyal employs a rise that keeps pace with inflation.

And on Thursday evening, also at 7pm, it will be the turn of members across Openreach to ponder the jaw-dropping unfairness of them being expected to suffer falling living standards while shareholders stand in line for £761 million dividend payout bonanza.

Urging every single member to tune into the CWU Live session covering their particular line of business, deputy general secretary Andy Kerr stresses it’s vital the scale of  the attack on those who actually  generate  BT Group’s profits is fully understood in advance of  next week’s commencement  of the first company-wide industrial action ballot in 35 years.

With just nine days to go until voting papers are despatched (on Wednesday June 15), and a tidal wave of employee fury over the imposition of real-term pay cuts plainly gathering steam, Andy insists managerial pleas of company poverty deserve nothing but contempt.

“They’re saying they can’t afford to pay a decent cost of living rise – but you can’t tell me that a company that has just declared a  £1.3 billion profit  cannot afford to give our people a decent pay rise,“ Andy concludes.

Watch tonight’s (Monday June 6)  CWU Live session for EE members  at  8pm via Facebook / Youtube / Twitter 

Wednesday’s CWU Live session for BT members  will start at 7pm on Facebook and Youtube

Thursday’s CWU Live session for members in Openreach  will start at 7pm on Facebook and Youtube