After eight months of discussions with BT and EE the CWU has now finalised a Voluntary Union Recognition Agreement between EE and the CWU for Contact centre frontline employees.

News of the breakthrough was revealed today at the union’s Annual Conference in Bournemouth – prompting jubilation amongst EE reps wgo have worked long and hard building membership levels in EE contact centres to the point where the overwhelming desire of staff to be represented by a recognised trade union was indisputable.

National officer for EE John East said: “During the rest of the week CWU reps who work for EE who are in attendance at the conference will discuss changes in EE that members have suggested, and if they are agreed, these are things we will then begin to address with the company

“Union recognition will allow union members to have a real voice in EE and is a massive step forward that we have long anticipated.

“We now intend to use it to form a productive working relationship with EE management at all levels which will benefit both our members and the Company in the long term.”