Summer cash payouts for Admin grades across several Royal Mail functions

Postal, Royal Mail Group (EMP)

Union secures bonus payments for LA grades in Logistics & Network, along with staff in FS, HRS&S & Legal…

Andy Furey

 Andy Furey

Hundreds of ‘back-office’ but nonetheless key workers within Royal Mail will be receiving bonus payments ranging from £551 to £834 this month, thanks to an agreement negotiated by the CWU.

The payouts arise from long-standing bonus arrangements and recognise the “hard work and commitment” shown by staff in these functions during “an exceptionally challenging year,” explains assistant secretary Andy Furey, the union’s national officer for these grades.

“Although this year’s bonus settlement has been a month later than usual, I’m sure our members will feel the wait was worth it, considering that the 2020/21 payouts are higher than the last few years,” he continues.

LA grades in Logistics and Network will receive £551 each, while the bonus is 588 in HR Strategy & Services and Legal Services and 834 in Finance Services.

For part-time employees, the respective payments are made on a pro-rata basis.

“While of course all of our members right across Royal Mail Group have worked extremely hard and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve the UK public, it’s great to see that Admin grades in what are considered to be ‘back office’ functions are also being appropriately recognised and rewarded.

“These are extremely well-deserved bonuses and thanks once again to our members for their fantastic efforts.”