Solidarity achieves Isle of Man agreement


“Strong collective action and solidarity from the whole union” are the key factors that have achieved a negotiated agreement to the protracted dispute involving over 200 Isle of Man members, reports deputy general secretary postal Terry Pullinger.

By an 89 per cent majority, Manx members voted to accept a two-year consolidated pay deal – fully backdated to April 2018 – protection of existing voluntary redundancy protections and mutually agreed ‘buyouts’ involving significant lump sums in terms of allowances and leave accrual.

“The business initially was set to unilaterally impose compulsory redundancies and abolish these allowances – but the determination, fighting spirit and solidarity shown by our Isle of Man members has pushed management back on all fronts,” explained Terry.

Last December, and again this February, members on the island took strike action in defence of their jobs and rights – with the full support of the whole union from the rest of the UK – and the rock-solid action forced Isle of Man Post Office bosses into meaningful negotiations with the CWU.

“As well as the fantastic support of our Isle of Man members, another factor in forcing the concessions that have been achieved was our success instigating the direct involvement of the island’s Industrial Relations Officer,” our DGSP continued, in a reference to the statutory procedures appertaining under Manx legislation.

Terry also placed on record his thanks to Postal Executive member Steve Halliwell, for his support and assistance in bringing this matter to a resolution.

Going forward, the CWU will be deeply engaged in negotiations regarding future pension provision – with the assistance of First Actuarial – and in ensuring that future pay rates are benchmarked in accordance with appropriate criteria.

“In the circumstances,” Terry concluded, “the union has done everything possible to fight off the very worst elements of the company’s offensive – our members have proved they’re prepared to stand solid together and fight for what’s right.

“And with their messages of support, the whole of the UK union has once again shown that when it comes to solidarity, there’s no union like the CWU.”