Solid strikes at Wythenshawe and Bangor


“Our whole division is 100 per cent behind our members here,” said CWU divisional representative Ian Taylor from the picket line at Wythenshawe Delivery office this morning.

Around 80 members here have been taking their second day of action and Ian said: “If I am to accept what my members are telling me about the management style in Wythenshawe then there is an urgent need for it to be addressed.”

Strike action took place at the Greater Manchester office today and last Friday in a long-running dispute over two instances of what the union has stated to be “unacceptable use of the conduct code” over recent months.

One member was disciplined for reporting sick with stress, while another faced action for allegedly posting a complaint of management bullying on social media.

One of these two members was given a suspended dismissal and both were given compulsory transfers – but it is the view of members at the Wythenshawe office that management were completely at fault and that these are the latest in a long line of unacceptable management actions here that go back several years.

“There’s basically an unwillingness from the business of the urgent need to sort this out,” says Ian, “and this whole division is 100 per cent behind our Wythenshawe members.”

Area delivery rep Kieran Regan points to the failure of the company to fully implement the results of a mediation process that took place, saying: “It’s just been a catalogue of problems here and it’s got to be resolved.”

CWU unit rep Phil praised members for backing the strike, saying: “The members here on both the strike days have been fantastic,” reports “and the support from our branch, Greater Manchester Amal, and from the division has been bloody superb.

“Our ballot and our dispute are both still live – so unless a solution is found, further action is inevitable.”

Over in Northern Ireland, postal workers at Bangor Delivery Office have also been on their second day of strike action this morning – having taken action their first day of action on Saturday – with Northern Ireland East Branch secretary Davy Moffett also voicing words of thanks for strikers who are, he reports: “Standing strong and totally determined – it’s been a great showing of solidarity from them.”

In a dispute also sparked by management behaviours, two Bangor postmen were handed two-year suspended dismissals back in September for an alleged “non-completion” of a duty, but they, their workmates and their branch insist that the pair followed the proper procedures and that the disciplinary penalties are unfair.

“Our whole branch is strongly supportive of our Bangor people – and we’re also very appreciative of the backing we’ve had from branches all over the UK,” Davy added.

Following the action, Davy reports that he has been contacted by Royal Mail and a meeting with the company’s delivery director is scheduled for tomorrow.

“I’m hoping this will give us the opportunity to find a resolution,” he says.

“If it isn’t resolved, there will be more strikes on the way.”