‘Scrooge’ Post Office bosses spark Xmas strike vote

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‘Mean-hearted’ Post Office management have provoked a national strike ballot of Crown members by refusing to honour a longstanding convention allowing Crown staff an early finish on Christmas Eve.

With members already reeling from last month’s shock announcement of widespread closures and ‘franchises’ of Crown offices, this latest action by management has sparked widespread anger.

In a letter to branches, assistant secretary Andy Furey explains: “Traditionally our members have enjoyed a 12.30 closing time when Christmas Eve falls on a weekday – it has been “custom and practice” for many years.

“With many of our members having the worry and stress of potentially losing their jobs in the New Year – as a result of the controversial ‘franchising’ programme, surely the small gesture of permitting an early finish the day before Christmas shouldn’t be too much to ask,” he added.

After being forced into this position by management intransigence, and acting on ballot requests from angry staff across the country, Andy took the issue to this week’s industrial executive meeting – and the call for a strike vote was given full authorisation.

“The last time we were faced with this situation was back in 2015, and our members returned a huge ‘Yes’ vote for the action proposed – walking out at 12.30 and striking for the rest of the day,” he recalled.

“So what a pity that the ‘Scrooges’ running this business have not learned lessons from the ghost of Christmas past.”

  • Ballot papers are set to go out to members on Friday 30th November, with the result being declared on Monday 10th December