Royal Mail Group ballot – don’t forget to vote! And vote YES!

Postal, Royal Mail Group (EMP)


Maximising turnout and returning the biggest possible YES vote is the best response to company bosses, say CWU leaders, as legal threats force cancellation of next week’s planned strike…

Our general secretary Dave Ward issued a rallying call to all branches late yesterday evening, in response to a “blatant effort to demoralise our members and discredit the union” by the senior management of Royal Mail, who threatened court action against the CWU in respect of the industrial action that had been called for 16th/17th February.

In a statement released jointly with acting deputy general secretary postal Andy Furey, our union’s leadership explained that correspondence had been received from the company’s legal representatives on Saturday 4th February challenging the strike notice that had been issued on the basis of “technical issues relating to the Dispute Resolution Process and the lifespan of the existing Change ballot.” After receiving advice from our own lawyers that, although we had a strong case ourselves, there was also risk to the union should we lose in court and, therefore, the CWU Postal Executive decided to call off the action planned for next week.

The focus now, and the best way to respond to this development, Dave said, is “that the whole union focuses its efforts on maximising the YES vote and turnout in the live re-ballot. 

“We cannot allow Royal Mail Group’s blatant efforts to demoralise our members and discredit the union to distract from the reality that the resolution to this long-running dispute will be determined and settled by the outcome of the current national ballot.”

In a direct message to all branches, reps, activists and members, Dave said: “Please take every opportunity over the next few days to remind your work colleagues and fellow members to vote in this ballot and to vote YES. The best way to show to the company that we are not prepared to be bullied into submission is to return the biggest possible YES vote on the highest possible turnout.”