Royal Mail Customer Experience bonus payment criteria to improve for next year

Postal, Royal Mail Customer Experience


Members in some of our smaller ‘back-office’ function grades will see their maximum bonus potential double next year…

Hundreds of hard-working Customer Experience (CE) employees will now have the opportunity to double their bonus in 2022/2023, after the CWU and Royal Mail agreed a new incentive package, which includes changing the targetry criteria. This agreement will take the maximum bonus payout, per annum, up from 1,000 to 2,000. (Pro-rata for part-time workers).

Explaining the change and the reasons for it, CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey said: “The maximum bonus that could be paid to our CE members has been fixed for a number of years – gradually reducing its value – and representations to the company from ourselves reflected the ongoing concerns of members that this important scheme needed to be updated and improved.

“Following discussions with senior management, and in liaison with our onsite CWU representatives, I’m pleased to report that our proposal to double the bonus potential was agreed.

“There will be two slight differences between the current bonus scheme in CE, in that the new scheme and the maximum of £2,000 payment will be linked to the Corporate Scorecard – replacing the current CE business unit bonus scheme – and it will be an annual payment after the end of the financial year rather than two six monthly payments.” Andy explains, acknowledging that the move to a single payment will be different to the six-monthly payments members are used to. “However,” he points out, “this change is more than compensated for by the doubling of the bonus monies available.”

The CWU has also been able to negotiate bonus improvements for Admin members in Royal Mail’s Finance HR, and Legal Services functions. Consequently, the amount of cash available has also been doubled.

  • For further information, please see LTBs 338 & 309