Retired Members Conference – 25th January

‘We’re playing an active role within our union and defending the pensioners of today and tomorrow in wider society’, says NEC representative Norman Candy as he talks to CWU News about the forthcoming Retired Members Conference…

“With the horrible Covid crisis now hopefully easing, we’re getting our act together again as CWU retired members and I’m really looking forward to our conference on 25th January,” Norman tells us, pointing to the busy agenda and wide range of policy motions to be discussed.

Elected last year as the retired members’ representative on our union’s national executive, he welcomes the increased number of regional representatives who have come forward to help with the work of this part of the union, the national reforms that have made this possible, and the recent launch of the new CWU publication The Veteran as “significant steps forward.

“It’s vital now that we all build on this in the year ahead – let’s make our section of the union more active, more involved and more effective.”

Norman lists the defence of state pensions – particularly the ‘triple lock’ which is due to be controversially suspended by the Government this year – and the ongoing need to improve social care as the big issues facing elderly people in the UK today.

“And the big new struggles coming up will be around the very worrying prospect of huge rises in household energy bills and a possible end to free prescriptions for people between 60 and 65,” he adds.

Our general secretary Dave Ward and senior deputy Tony Kearns will both be addressing the event, which is being held online and begins at 10.30am on Tuesday 25th January.

Delegates will debate and vote on seven policy motions – covering internal and external matters and covering various subjects – two of which will then by selected by ballot to go forward to CWU national conference in April.

“Conference will also select retired member delegates to conference as well,” Norman explains. “It’s going to be an important event and if you are a retired CWU members then please click here to find out how you can follow the event as it’s happening.

“The more of us who become involved, the louder and more effective the voice of retired members will be in this union and in wider society.”