Resounding ‘YES’ to BTPSA pay deal worth an average of 9.4% in 2023

Telecoms & Financial Services, BT


BT Pension Scheme Administration Ltd (BTPSA) members have unanimously accepted a CWU-brokered pay deal which will deliver fully consolidated average increases of 9.4% in December pay packets.

The settlement – which was ratified by every single member casting their vote in a consultative ballot with a 70% turnout  – sees all CWU-represented grades receive a 5.5% fully consolidated pay increase on December 1. Crucially, however, that is on top of the simultaneous consolidation into base pay of an exceptional £1,000 cost of living crisis payment that was made by the company in July.

BTPSA’s offer to consolidate that payment into basic wages equates to an average 3.9% increase in itself – meaning that the 5.5% headline increase negotiated in this year’s pay talks provide for cumulative consolidated average base pay increases for the Chesterfield-based team members worth well in excess of 9%.

Thanking members for their staunch support for, the union’s negotiating position throughout this year’s pay talks, acting national officer Tracy Buckley told CWU News: “It was fantastic to see members enthusiastically participating in the process. In advance of the ballot we held a very well attended Zoom meeting at which they gave positive feedback, especially on the consolidation of the £1,000 payment.

“The local branch – West Yorkshire –  has already begun a campaign within the site of improving the profile of the union, and issues that have already been flagged up by members include a new way of work  and various salary anomalies, many of which are carried over from Accenture.

“As part of this year’s pay discussion we have secured a commitment from management to hold further discussions on these salary anomalies – and to that end we hope to visit the site in the near future. In the meantime the local Branch will continue to hold on-site meetings with members.”

Tracy concludes: “On the back of the pay talks and the union’s active engagement with members and non-members alike, we’ve seen an impressive uptick in recruitment at the Chesterfield site – and given that strength always lies in numbers that can only bode well for the future.”


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