Redundancy threat lifted at CBRE

Telecoms & Financial Services

Well-grounded concerns that redundancies were imminent at CBRE following a major review of the ex-BTFS engineering work streams that transferred over to the outsourcer on April 1 have been comprehensively allayed.

The welcome about-turn came less than a week after the union was informed on May 20 that a 30-day consultation was about to be launched on various changes impacting in General Technician grades, with around 40 believed to be in scope for redundancy.

That threat was lifted, however, following the company’s identification of sufficient new work for the CBRE transferees that had previously been conducted by ex-BTFS cleaners who now work for ISS.

The work in question covers duties including fire extinguisher/alarm, water-flushing and lighting testing that did not fall within the ISS contract.

Assistant secretary Sally Bridge explains: “Notwithstanding the challenges currently being faced by our member in ISS (see story dated May 31), for our members in CBRE the identification of these new work streams is clearly very good news, and will do much to allay concerns surrounding job security.

“There will, however, be some changes for General Technicians. These will include a new job title, with them becoming Facilities Technicians, minor changes to current job descriptions and possibly changes to the geographies they cover and associated line management.

“Clearly there is detail that needs to be discussed on how these changes will impact on the 51 General Technicians involved, but the talks we’re having with CBRE on all these issues are proving constructive.

“We’ve already requested a copy of the new job description and sought assurances regarding any training that may be needed and will keep branches and members updated as developments occur.”

  • Discussions have also commenced with CBRE on the 2019 pay review covering BTFS transferees. Given the fact that it is already clear that the relevant pay date of June 1 will be missed – largely on account of the multiple issues that both the company and the union have been dealing with post-TUPE transfer – the CWU is pressing the case for a simple across the board pay rise this year.

Sally explains: “At our first pay meeting a full discussion took place on how CBRE intends to approach the pay review, including their strategy, the construct of any pay offer as well as the level of current pay settlements and market rates.

“The CWU explained that the overwhelming feedback we’ve had from our members is that the way the pay review has been dealt with in the past was overly complicated and confusing – and that this is an opportunity to address these concerns.

Discussions are ongoing – and whatever settlement is eventually ratified by members will be backdated to June 1.