Redeployment opportunities sought for ISS members as time is called on BT Sport’s Olympic Park HQ

Telecoms & Financial Services, BT

The race is on to identify redeployment opportunities for ISS members impacted by the looming closure of BT Sport’s iconic headquarters in East London – with the CWU working tirelessly with the outsourced facilities services provider to find suitable alternative work for nine security officers and six housekeepers.

Earlier this month the 15 impacted team members were issued with letters confirming that they are at risk of redundancy as a result of Warner Bros Discovery’s decision to exit the flagship Olympic Park site on July 31.

That follows WBD’s announcement in January this year that it will be transferring all activities currently conducted at the former BT Sport Production Hub in Stratford to existing WBD facilities in Chiswick and Stockley Park near Hayes – triggering a separate redundancy situation involving former BT Sport employees who were TUPE’d over to the joint venture on November 1 last year. (See story here)

CWU national officer for members in ISS, Tracey Fussey, explains: “When the joint venture transaction between WBD and BT Sport was concluded last September the lease of the high-profile Stratford site was transferred to a separate legal entity, BT Ninety-Six Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of WBD Inc.

“As of that date Warner Brothers became responsible for lease costs, business rates and utilities, but BT agreed to provide ongoing facilities management services under a separate ‘transitional services agreement’ until a period expiring July 31 this year.

“Given the site’s operation is ceasing on that day, the services that ISS currently provides BT for the site will no longer be required – resulting in the 28-day consultation for our ISS members that is presently underway.”

Stressing that the union has moved swiftly to ensure that ISS provides full visibility of suitable alternative work on different contracts to mitigate against compulsory redundancy wherever possible, Tracey continues: “We recognise the situation is extremely unsettling for our ISS members working for BT Sport – but are working closely with management to find alternative work for those who wish to remain in employment with ISS. ISS as always have been proactive in this area and do not want to lose members from their organisation.

“Representations and counterproposals can be made throughout the consultation period – and I’d remind members that they are entitled to be represented by the union at consultation meetings and would strong advise them to take up this opportunity and seek accompaniment from their local branch.”