Recognition deal with Peartree plugs final collective bargaining gap for outsourced BTFS staff

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Agreement has been reached with Peartree Cleaning Services on a new recognition deal that delivers full collective bargaining rights for the final group of ex-BT Facilities Services (BFTS) housekeepers still working on the BT account following their recent TUPE from ISS.

While most former BTFS employees have benefitted from unbroken union representation since the disputed outsourcing of 1,700 employees to ISS and CBRE in 2019, until now the situation has been more complicated for 57 security staff at EE sites and just over 30 housekeepers who recently transferred from BT Centre, plus those recruited following the opening of BT’s new One Braham headquarters.

Last month, however, talks with ISS successfully secured the enlargement of the CWU’s existing bargaining unit in that company to cover the ex-Securitas employees who were brought into BT Group by the  company’s acquisition of EE in 2016. (See story here)

And now the confirmation of an all new recognition agreement with Peartree Cleaning Services has plugged the final gap.

The signing of the deal follows highly positive talks that have already secured a welcome pay uplift to the lowest paid employees at One Braham…with the promise of more to follow.

Brokered by the CWU as an immediate response to the deepening cost of living crisis, the immediate 4% increase (backdated to the start of last month) covers all those who were previously paid the London Real Living Wage (RLW) rate of £11.05.

“All other employees recently increased to £12.75 per hour as a consequence of the Core Cleaning Review, but the CWU was concerned for Peartree’s remaining RLW employees at One Braham on account of the huge pressures being put on everyone by spiralling food and energy prices,” explains CWU national officer Tracey Fussey.

“Importantly, Peartree has also agreed  to discuss early implementation of the new London RLW rate of £11.95 that was announced on September 22  – something that heralds the promise of a further increase of around  4% to the lowest paid  just when they need it the most.

“This is a hugely positive and highly socially responsible move by the company, because under the rules of RLW accreditation it doesn’t formally have to implement the uprated RLW level until April 2023, let alone pre-empting it with the 4% that has already been paid out.

“All told, there can be no better illustration of the value of a recognised trade union working in partnership with an enlightened employer,” concludes Tracey, urging any non-members at One Braham to join the CWU without delay.

  • Non-members can join online by clicking on the below link.


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