Product Demand Support: 10 days to return preference forms

Postal, Royal Mail Group (EMP)

Wednesday 29th July 2020

“Please don’t forget to fill in your forms,” is CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey’s reminder to Royal Mail Product Demand Support workers, as the current preference exercise enters its final 10 days.

“Although the response levels have been strong since the process opened earlier this month, we’re still awaiting returns from around 40 per cent of members in these roles,” he explained today, as he sent out a letter to branches asking representatives to “engage with members to ensure they have everything they need in terms of information to enable them to complete and return the preference forms.”

Last month’s traffic transformation switchover means that job roles are changing in this part of the operation and the CWU has been working with Royal Mail in accordance with existing MTSF procedures and in line with the over-arching aim of achieving the resourcing target on a voluntary basis.

“Following the joint conference call with the business and with impacted grades the Friday before last, the key points from the question and answer session have been sent out – in the form of an ‘FAQs’ document – and everything has been done to make sure our people have the full information to complete their forms,” Andy continues.

In a direct message to Product Demand Support members, he concludes: “It’s vital that as many members as possible complete their preference forms and send them back in, so please take some time out to give this your consideration and then we can help you, as far as possible, to achieve the future that you want.”

·  For further details, including Tuesday’s joint statement from Andy and Royal Mail’s process performance leader Tony Lewis, please see LTB 399/20