Post Office workers – VOTE YES, YES



As strike ballot enters its last few days, CWU leaders urge POL members to ‘deliver another vote for action’…

“If you haven’t voted yet, do it today – vote YES to strike action and vote YES to action short of a strike,” says acting DGSP Andy Furey, in a final push to maximise the turnout in the fresh ballot being held among Post Office members in the long-running pay dispute.

“We need to send the strong message to Post Office bosses – and the more of you who vote, and the more of you who vote YES, the louder your collective voice. They made £74 million in profit over the past two years – £35m for 2020/21 and £39m for 2021/22 – and it was your hard work that created those profits. Therefore, they can afford to pay you a fair pay rise. It’s only right and just that you get a fair share of that success.”

Explaining the cynical reason why hard-working staff in Crowns, Admin and Supply Chain did not get adequately rewarded for their efforts, Andy points out: “It wasn’t about affordability, it was because of the targets linked to managers’ bonuses. If Post Office didn’t hit these targets – and giving you a fair pay rise would have meant targets were missed – managers wouldn’t have received their healthy bonuses. So, you lost out to selfishness and greed.

“It’s unfair that managers got bonuses as a direct result of our members not getting a reasonable pay rise.”

Post Officers workers have already taken six days of strike action, but the ballot that authorised those strikes legally expired at the end of September and therefore a new ballot was required by law. And in this second vote, the union decided to add a further question covering industrial action short of a strike – a step which will give the union flexibility in tactics.

“As I speak today, there are just two more polling days left. All feedback from our reps indicates that the result is likely to be a clear majority for action – but let’s do everything we can to make this YES vote as high as possible – let’s make it a big double YES.

“If you haven’t yet voted, please do so today. If you have voted, please remind your colleagues to vote – and share the attached flyer with as many of your fellow workers as possible.”