Post Office pay talks set to start this month

Postal, Post Office (PO)

Union officers will be meeting with senior Post Office bosses before the end of April to begin national negotiations over pay, reports CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey.

“We submitted our pay claim, with the endorsement of the postal executive, earlier this week to the company’s chief executive Paula Vennells and it has been agreed that the first session of pay talks will take place on 23rd April,” he explains.

On pay, the union is calling for an above-inflation consolidated pay increase flowing through to all allowances, including London Weighting.

A joint review of all incentive schemes is also being proposed, along with improvements to scheduled attendance rates for crew members and annual leave entitlement equality for all.

“Our claim is both reasonable and affordable due to the improving financial position of the Post Office – an improvement which our members have contributed to and, therefore, fully deserve to be fairly rewarded for,” Andy points out, adding that the union is also planning to meet with the business over the coming weeks to discuss the vitally important issue of pensions.

·         For further details, including the pay claim letter in full, please see LTB 198/18