Post Office members back pay deal – set for big April payout

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Thursday 1st April 2021

Hard-working Post Office members will see significant increases to pay this month, following their approval of a deal combining an across-the-board rise with variable bonus consolidations and lifting guaranteed wages by between 4.7 and 7.1 per cent.

In a big show of support for the union, members voted by a 97 per cent majority to endorse the package, which will now be paid into their end-of-April salaries.

And, this being their ‘2020’ pay deal, payments are also fully backdated to April 1st 2020.

Reacting to the ballot return, CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey says that he was “extremely pleased by the positive response from members and I thank them for their exceptional work over this past year and for their remarkable patience while we’ve been getting this deal done.

“It’s an innovative pay agreement reached after lengthy negotiations with Post Office senior management that brought several different bonus schemes into pensionable pay and transformed a modest settlement into a much better overall package.”

Another key aspect to this deal is the improvement to members’ defined contribution pension scheme, in particular the introduction of a higher ‘maximum tier’ of 8 per cent employee and 12 per cent employer.

“We want to encourage all members to take advantage of this new opportunity to have 20 per cent of pay put into their pension pot,” continues Andy, who advises members to send their requests to the company’s specific pensions email address using their own Post Office email accounts.

Now that ‘2020’ is settled, Andy and his senior negotiating team are immediately turning their attention to the 2021 claim.   

“We are now putting this claim together and intend to submit our proposals for approval to the CWU postal executive – and then we’ll formally submit the claim to the employer,” he explains.

“We will be looking to conclude the 2021 pay agreement much more quickly than 2020. Hopefully, the Post Office will share this aspiration and will engage in negotiations in a meaningful way from the outset.”