Post Office leave bonus – union ensures equality for all

Postal, Post Office (PO)

Thursday 25th June 2020

Formal Joint Statements ensuring every Post Office workers will benefit from the ‘bonus day’ during the summer have been welcomed by the CWU, although the union remains ‘disappointed’ that the formal proposal for a cash sum was rebuffed by Nick Read, CEO on the grounds of affordability.

“Given the fantastic efforts made by post office counters, admin and supply chain workers during this period, it’s a pity that the company did not make the same gesture that our Royal Mail members deservedly received,” says CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey.

“But at least the extra day off will give all of our members some welcome extra time to spend with their families – work-life balance is such an important issue, especially because of Covid-19 – and at least this does represent some recognition, albeit limited, by the Post Office of the excellent service provided by their workforce during this national crisis.”

Full details of the arrangements are in the joint statements, but essentially, the non-customer-facing parts of the business will have the day off on Friday July 31st – with some staff being asked to provide a ‘skeleton’ service in some CViT depots.

Crown offices will remain fully open on July 31st, and members in these roles will have an extra day’s leave added to their summer entitlement, to be taken Monday 20th July and Saturday 5th September.

Anyone already on annual leave, maternity leave, sick leave, paid special leave or a rest day on 31st July will also be credited with an extra day’s annual leave – and a full attendance will be given as a day’s leave with no claw back of hours for all – including part-timers – and payment will be made for any Scheduled Attendance due to be worked on that day for our CViT members.

“So despite the disappointment that the cash bonus request was turned down – we’re pleased as we can be that our discussions with the Post Office have at least achieved full and detailed clarity that everyone, regardless of their circumstances will receive the full benefit of this extra leave,” Andy concluded.