Post Office Counters, Supply Chain & Admin workers vote ‘YES’ to pay deal

Postal, Post Office (PO)


Staff in Post Office Limited (POL) are set for a major cash boost, after CWU members returned a 94 per cent majority for a 9 per cent-plus-cash settlement negotiated by the union…

Under the deal, all CWU-grades employees in POL will receive a fully consolidated 9 per cent pay increase with effect from 1st April 2023, along with significant cash lump sums. Monies will be paid into their May salaries.

The universal lump-sum payouts will range from £1,325 to £2,500 (pro-rata for part-timers), while a further £650 goes to those with a 2022/23 basic salary below £24,000 and £500 for those with a 2022/23 basic salary above £24,000. Recipients of Inner London Weighting Allowance will also get another lump sum of £300(prpt), with £219(prpt) for Outer London Weighting Allowance recipients.

Reacting to the ballot result, CWU acting deputy general secretary Andy Furey said: “It’s great to see such an overwhelming endorsement of the negotiated agreement – and the sheer size of the majority fully vindicates the Postal Executive’s decision to put this deal to ballot with a ‘YES’ recommendation.

“Amid the good news, it was a bit of a disappointment to be told by the employer that they’re unable to process the payments in time for members’ April salaries – which they explained was due to a combination of time constraints and the amount of year-end work along with the configuration of data checking that is required to implement the pay award and lump sums.

“But at least our hard-working and dedicated POL members know they’ll get their pay rise, backpay and lump sums in their May salaries. They’ve all worked exceptionally hard and they fully deserve the rise and the extra cash.”

Andy concluded: “Once again, my sincere thanks and admiration to all our representatives and members for their support throughout the pay dispute.  There’s no doubt this was what helped to deliver this positive outcome.”

Full details of the POL ballot result available on LTB 091/23